Dec 04

Sarah and Jimmy’s Wedding

Two great people, on one great day. I’m talking about the two great attendants from the KayWhy team that will be at tomorrow’s big day! So come say hello and take some fun pictures! Oh ya, plus Sarah and Jimmy will be there. I suppose you could say hello and take pictures of to them too. Sarcasm, definitely one of my personality trait that Tiffany (my wife) hates… Excited for Sarah and Jimmy’s big day tomorrow. Always great seeing good friends of ours joining the married couples club. See you both tomorrow! PhotoCred:
Nov 21

Argh Mateys! Nathan’s Birthday Bash!

Nathan’s Turning 1! Grab your eye patch and black powder pistols and pose like a buccaneer because it’s a pirate themed party. See you all tomorrow!
Nov 06

Joanne and Bryan’s Wedding

Guess what? We are going to be having a great time tomorrow at Joanne and Bryan’s wedding! If you’re there, make sure you stop to take some pictures and say hello.
Oct 17

Tang and Cindy’s Wedding

Tomorrow is the big day for Tang and Cindy. If you are going to be at the wedding make sure you have your photo booth game faces on! It will be a fun night filled with great memories! PhotoCred: Crystal To
Oct 10

Lily and Mike’s Wedding

We will be having our booth set up at Lily and Mike’s wedding tomorrow. Wedding goers, please stop by to say “Hello” and while you’re at it take some photo booth pictures! PhotoCred: White Rose Production (
Aug 08


We will be having our booth set up at Annie and James’ wedding tomorrow, August 8, 2015. If you will be attending the wedding, don’t forget to stop by to take some pictures! PhotoCred: White August (
Mar 27

Hayle and Jeffrey’s Wedding.

We will be having our booth set up at Hayle and Jeffrey’s wedding this Saturday, March 28, 2015. If you will be attending the wedding, don’t forget to take lots of photo booth photos and sign their photo booth guest book! See you all Saturday! PhotoCred: Kevin Dinh (
Mar 20

Coming Soon.

Working hard to get this site up and going. Hopefully it will be up very soon for everyone to view!